2018 Season "It's not how much you gave. It's how much you gave after you gave it your all."
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Fundraising Campaign

Fundraising activities are an important contribution to club operations and the success of these efforts is what has kept the club from having to raise fees for several years. Replacement of damaged equipment is a constant strain on the club's finances and fundraising is how we manage this instead of increasing registration fees.

Our success with fundraising is due to the great support we get from all the club's families to participate and get involved in these efforts. These are the activities planned for this summer. Click on each item to see more details, and contact us at aquarians.info@gmail.com if you would like to help out or have any other fundraising ideas.

Bottle Drive
Port Moody
Liquor Store
(all year)
Spike Meet
(June 30 -
July 1)
Return-It Depot
(all year)
concession deep fryer & freezer club computers
& software
& kickboards
shed paint
video camera
We thank our sponsors for their support
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