2018 Season "It's not how much you gave. It's how much you gave after you gave it your all."
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Congratulations to Provincial Qualifiers!

Our athletes had great results at Regionals this season. We have 7 divers and 28 swimmers with 17 PQTs qualifying for Provincials in 47 Individual events and 6 relay events. There were also many best times beaten - and a lot of PMA caps on the blocks for finals. You can find more information about the BCSSA Provincial Championships on the BCSSA website.

Division 1
Cale LeCorre2nd100 IM1st50 Free
Div 1 Regional Relay (Back)1st (PQT)50 Back1st100 Free
Jackson Vanstaalduinen3rd100 IM2nd50 Free
Div 1 Regional Relay (Free)2nd (PQT)50 Breast3rd100 Free
Leela Hayes3rd100 Free2nd50 Free
2ndDiv 1 Medley Relay2ndDiv 1 Free Relay
Joad Wood3rd50 Fly
Kinleigh Blane2ndDiv 1 Medley Relay2ndDiv 1 Free Relay
Zoe Petty2ndDiv 1 Medley Relay2ndDiv 1 Free Relay
Everleigh Housden2ndDiv 1 Medley Relay2ndDiv 1 Free Relay
Division 2
Linus Fong2nd50 Free3rd50 Fly
4th (PQT)50 Breast5th (WILD)100 IM
Mackenna Petty2nd50 Breast2ndDiv 2 Medley Relay
Div 2 Regional Relay (Breast)4th (WILD)100 IM
Kida LeCorre2nd50 Fly2ndDiv 2 Medley Relay
Alexienna Boessenkool3rd50 Back2ndDiv 2 Medley Relay
Abigail Nash 3rd50 Breast2ndDiv 2 Medley Relay
Division 3
Lucas Fong2nd100 IM2nd50 Free
Div 3 Regional Relay (Free)2nd50 Breast2nd (PQT)100 Free
Rumi Hayes3rd50 Back
Division 4
Kalen Murray2nd50 Fly1st (PQT)100 Back
Div 4 Regional Relay (Back)
Ava Jones3rd200 IM
Division 5
Quinn Macmillan2nd (PQT)50 Free3rd (PQT)100 Back
Div 5 Regional Relay (Free)3rd (PQT)100 Breast2nd (PQT)100 Free
2nd (PQT)Div 5 Medley Relay2nd (PQT)Div 5 Free Relay
Tyson Hutt4th (PQT)50 Fly
2nd (PQT)Div 5 Medley Relay2nd (PQT)Div 5 Free Relay
Ben Billings6th (WILD)50 Fly
2nd (PQT)Div 5 Medley Relay2nd (PQT)Div 5 Free Relay
Nicholas Yang7th (WILD)100 Breast
2nd (PQT)Div 5 Medley Relay2nd (PQT)Div 5 Free Relay
Anika Blane4th (PQT)100 Breast4th (WILD)200 IM
Division 6
Dylan Hewlett1st50 Free2nd100 Free
Div 6 Regional Relay (Free)2nd (PQT)Div 7 Free Relay
Ethan Yang3rd50 Free
2nd (PQT)Div 7 Free Relay
Eric Militaru2nd (PQT)Div 7 Free Relay
Division 7
Devin McCrae3rd (PQT)100 Fly2nd (PQT)Div 7 Free Relay
Division 8
Kaleigh Sharkey1st100 Fly1st (PQT)50 Fly
Alicia Kan2nd (PQT)50 Fly
Matthew Nesdoly3rd100 Back3rd100 Breast
Sebastian Damy1st8 & U boys S
Jacoby Frizzell1st9/10 boys S
Isabella Moore2nd9/10 girls S
Jack Moore1st11/12 boys S
Stefanie Mocnik3rd11/12 girls S
Marissa Wellman1st11/12 girls O
Jacob Canales1st13/14 boys S
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