Fundraising Campaign

PMA fundraisers occur throughout the season in an effort to offset ongoing club costs, as our club cannot run on registration fees alone. Active participation in fundraising by swim families, their friends, and extended families helps keep our swimmers in the water. We aim to gear fundraisers around items you might already be purchasing, for both convenience and interest. Your efforts and contributions are always appreciated, and we hope you can join us in making this season a fun and successful one.

These are the activities planned for this summer. Click on each item to see more details, and contact us at if you would like to help out or have any other fundraising ideas.

2023 Seasonal Fundraisers


Dates Fundraiser Ordering Payment Pick Up
July Raise the Funds Email order: (July 28th)

Etransfer: August 8th at @ 5:00pm Westhill Pool

Ongoing Fundraisers:

Fundraisers help provide:

• Blocks
• Club computers & software
• Lane ropes
• Flippers & kickboards
• Concession deep fryer & freezer
• Shed paint & repairs
• Underwater video camera & much, much more!