Team Gear

Team Gear Information

  • Team suits are bulk ordered at the beginning of the season. Exact dates, times and locations for suit sizings and order deadlines will be communicated prior to the start of the swim season. It is highly recommended swimmers try on the suit before placing the order as sizes vary between different styles and manufacturers. Exchanges for incorrect sizes may not be possible.
  • Team Caps are available for purchase any time during the season. The coaching staff and some executive members will have caps with them during practices and swim meets in case a replacement cap is needed.
  • Team Clothing / Personalized Caps
    Team Clothing and personalized caps are placed as a group order once or twice during the season. Instructions will be distributed a few weeks before an order is planned.
  • If your child plans to attend competitions, both a team suit and cap is customary. The main reason we have team suits and caps is so we look like a team at competitions. Team suits and caps also help our coaches identify our swimmers up on the starting blocks.

    Team suits offered are of good quality at a discounted price due to a bulk purchase. Even if you do not plan to go to competitions, these suits last a lot longer than cheaper suits which get saggy when used repetitively in the chlorine pools.

    If purchase of a team suit is not possible for your swimmer, there are acceptable alternatives. Some guidelines:

  • All swimmers must wear a team cap in races
  • We encourage that suits used in races are our team colours: Black/Red/White
  • Boys should wear male race suits and/or training suits (jammers or briefs) – swim trunks will drag in the water, causing your child to tire quickly
  • Girls should wear one (1)  piece race and/or training suits
  • Having a few suits is recommended. For competition, a properly fitted racing suit is tight. Swimmers often bring a training suit for warm up and change into their race suit after. Suits are generally made of polyester, nylon, Lycra or stretch nylon. For practice, owning a few training suits can be of benefit. They are more comfortable for daily practice and ensure the team suit is in good shape for races.