The BCSSA (BC Summer Swimming Association) offers access to Hy-Tek’s Team Stats Online. Through this system you can access individual swimmers times for the season as well as provincial and regional rankings. Instructions for using the information you will find using this link are below: BCSSA Hy-Tek Results

For individual swimmer times follow these steps:

  • Click on the ATHLETES box second from left
  • Choose the first letter of the last name.
  • Choose Female or Male check box
  • There may be more than one page of any letter and you may have to use the “Go to page” dropdown at the far right.
  • Click on the blue highlighted “Times” link on the left
  • From the “Course” drop down menu on the left just above all the even boxes choose SCM for Short Course (25) Metres
  • Choose an event and the times for this season will appear
  • You can choose to show 1,2,…5 fastest times for each event, or all times for the season

For Provincial or Regional Rankings

  • Choose RANK box, third from left
  • From “Course” drop down menu choose SCM for Short Course (25) Metres
  • From “Division” drop down menu pick the Division
  • For Provincial Rankings do not choose anything in the “Region” drop down menu. For Regional Rankings choose Simon Fraser Region
  • Choose Female or Male check box
  • Choose the event and a the rankings will appear. You may have to scroll through pages using the “Go to page” drop down menu on the far right.