My child doesn’t swim very well. Why would they want to compete?


Swim meets are fun, great exercise, and help build confidence! The swimmers get to race, cheer their teammates on, and play games in between events. Children are grouped with other swimmers who are of similar ability, which allows for a positive swim experience. Competitions allow swimmers to achieve their personal bests and measure how much [...]

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What are the Time Trials?


At the beginning of the season, we run a mini-swim meet for only our club. Goals... Establish a beginning of the season time for swimmers so that they can see how much they’ve improved over the summer Introduce swim meets to new swimmers so that they know what to expect at the meets which run [...]

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What are swim meets?


Swim Meets are the backbone of any summer swimming season. They are a chance for swimmers of virtually all abilities to display the skills and strokes they refine all season in practices. They are a fun and relatively relaxed opportunity to compete against other children of the same age and abilities. There are a number [...]

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What do I need to bring to practice?


All practices run rain or shine so bring clothing appropriate for the weather. Swimsuit 2 Towels and/or Shammy Water bottle Runners Athletic clothing for warm up Padlock - if you have valuables to lock up The public has access to the facilities during practice, so do not leave valuables in the change rooms. Small lockers [...]

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When happens if my child wants to continue for the rest of the summer?


To continue after May, your registration must be converted to a full membership. The fee you paid for the Trial Program will be applied to your upgraded registration. Contact the Registrar before the end of the trial to make arrangements for the additional payment and pickup your Raffle Tickets. All the other forms are already done, [...]

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Where and when will practices be for the Trial Program?


Practices for the Trial Program are at the same pool and times as those for swimming but are only for the month of May. We only practice at Westhill Pool, near Glenayre and College Park in May. Schedules and Group Placements are available mid to late April. These are the time windows (Monday to Friday) [...]

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Are there any special requirements to join the Trial program?


Requirements for the Trial Program are the same as those for swimming, but is only open to new members of PMA. Swimmers who are able to swim one length (25 metres) of the pool unassisted are ready to join PMA. We coach swimmers proper technique and give them opportunities to compete. If your child is [...]

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What is Challenge Week?


It is one of the hardest but also most fun weeks for your swimmer all summer. Explained best in the document, What is Challenge Week?.

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What is the 2-hour rule?


Originally when BCSSA was formed, almost all summer swim club members practiced in outdoor pools and could only swim from May to August (due to weather); and DID NOT swim during the winter months. Now, with the availability of indoor pools, many summer swim clubs can and do swim throughout the winter months. In order [...]

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