Swim Meets are the backbone of any summer swimming season. They are a chance for swimmers of virtually all abilities to display the skills and strokes they refine all season in practices. They are a fun and relatively relaxed opportunity to compete against other children of the same age and abilities.

There are a number of different swim meets and swim meet formats that different clubs across BC feature throughout the Summer Swimming Season.

  • A/B Swim Meet – This is the most common form of swim meet in Summer Swimming. The Port Moody Aquarians will attend A/B swim meets in Coquitlam, Burnaby, Port Coquitlam, several out of regions meets, as well as hosting our own A/B Meet. These meets take place on Saturday and Sunday and they run from early morning to mid/late afternoon. Swimmers at these meets range from 5 to about 20 years old and are separated into Divisions by age (Division 1 = youngest to Division 8 = oldest).

    Swimmers of many different ability levels are encouraged to participate in these meets, including new swimmers. However, the ability to swim at least 2 lengths of at least 2 of the strokes is often a good guideline for those who are interested in competing.

  • Development Meet – Development Meets are geared towards the new and younger swimmers. There are a few of these meets throughout the season. The Aquarians will be attending development meets for clubs within our region. These meets are often held during the evening on a Friday or Wednesday night. They are open to those swimmers who do not yet have the ability to swim 2 lengths of the pool, those who are new to competing and those who do not have the skills in all the strokes. Events include 25-Meter Races of all 4 strokes, as well as the option of doing 50-Meter races of their better strokes.
  • Regional Championships – Every year, towards the end of the swimming season. The 5 clubs of our region (PMA, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Burnaby and Burnaby Mountain) compete in the Regional Championships. This serves as the qualifying meet for the Provincial Championships, as well as the final meet of the season for those that do not qualify for Provincials. This meet is run as an A/B Meet, meaning that there are no 25-Meter events. The top three swimmers in each individual event, and top two teams in relay events qualify for the Provincial championships in late August.

    Swimmers must have legally completed a race (no DQ) in at least one stroke during the season are able to attend this meet. At the coaches discretion, swimmers who have only competed in a 25m event may be entered in a 50m event at Regionals.

    Development swimmers are eligible to attend this meet. It is not uncommon for PMA to have a Div 1 relay team which includes Development swimmers qualify for Provincials, so we try to get any who have improved enough during the season to attend this meet.

  • Provincial Championships – At the very end of the season there is the Provincial Championships meet. This meet features Summer Swimmers from around the Province who have qualified for the meet within their individual regions. This meet is 3 days instead of the usual two, to account for the larger amount of swimmers. It is held at different venues through BC every year.