Coaches set Group Placements in mid to late April. Swimming skill is the primary consideration, but age and fitness level is also considered. If your child has past swimming experience, it is helpful to include this on your registration form. Coaches may request some swimmers attend an evaluation at the start of the season.

  • Mini-Aquarians
    This group consists of swimmers 4.5-5 years in age (Swimmers must be five by the end of the corresponding swim season year (December 31st), who are not yet able to swim the length of the pool. This program is geared towards younger siblings in the club and has a maximum capacity. Swimmers will be assessed at the time of registration to determine what group they should be registered in. Coaches will also assess swimmers during the first two weeks of the swim club season and make changes to the group placements if necessary.
  • Development
    Swimmers in the development group have minimal or no competitive skills or experience but are able to swim the length of the pool unaided. The emphasis in the development group is on stroke development but swimmers also learn about the fundamentals of competitive swimming, develop their flexibility, participate in Development swim meets, and learn about being part of a team.
  • Junior (White)
    This group is designed for swimmers with some competitive swimming skills or older swimmers new to competitive swimming. Emphasis is on stroke and skill development. These swimmers generally compete in the A/B meets.
  • Intermediate (Red) / Senior (Black)
    The swimmers in these groups have more competitive swimming skills and experience. The emphasis shifts more toward training and stroke correction. Some older swimmers with less competitive swimming experience may also be placed in this group.

These group placements may change during the season when coaches feel a swimmer would be better suited to a different group.