What is Challenge Week?


It is one of the hardest but also most fun weeks for your swimmer all summer. Explained best in the document, What is Challenge Week?.

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Does my son need to wear a Speedo?


f your child feels uncomfortable wearing a Speedo, they may wear jammers or swim briefs. Please do not send your child in swim trunks, they will drag in the water causing your child to tire quickly, they also cause chaffing. Don’t worry, if all the kids are wearing them nobody will notice if you are.

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Which group will my child be in?


Coaches set Group Placements in mid to late April. Swimming skill is the primary consideration, but age and fitness level is also considered. If your child has past swimming experience, it is helpful to include this on your registration form. Coaches may request some swimmers attend an evaluation at the start of the season. Mini-Aquarians [...]

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Where and when will practices be?


We practice at Westhill Pool, near Glenayre and College Park, starting in May. In late-June the City of Port Moody opens Rocky Point Pool and we then swim at both pools. Schedules and Group Placements are available mid to late April. These are the time windows (Monday to Friday) when we usually have our pool [...]

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How well do you have to be able to swim to join the Aquarians?


Swimmers who are able to swim one length (25 metres) of the pool unassisted are ready to join PMA. We coach swimmers' proper technique and give them opportunities to compete. If your child is not able to swim 25 metres of the pool unassisted, they are encouraged to take community swim lessons and pass Red [...]

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