Swim Meets

What division do I swim in?


The division you compete in is based on your age at the start of the season. You can look these up in the BCSSA Swimming Age Locator available from the BCSSA each year!

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How do I Use Hy-Tek Team Stats Online? (BCSSA Hy-Tek Results)


The BCSSA (BC Summer Swimming Association) offers access to Hy-Tek's Team Stats Online. Through this system you can access individual swimmers times for the season as well as provincial and regional rankings. Instructions for using the information you will find using this link are below: BCSSA Hy-Tek Results For individual swimmer times follow these steps: [...]

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Why go to swim meet warm ups?


At every swim meet PMA is designated a lane or two at specific times to warm up in. The warm up times are usually between 6:15 and 7:30 am each morning of the meet. Each group of swimmers will be assigned a time to warm up and those times will be emailed to swimmers signed [...]

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Are parents expected to volunteer?


Yes. Swim meets are run by parents so each parent is expected to sign up for a volunteer shift at the swim meets your child is competing in. You are there anyway so you may as well help out. The volunteer shifts are usually short (2 hours or so). If you have further questions about [...]

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What do I need to bring to a swim meet?


Keep in mind that swim meets run rain or shine so be prepared. Swimsuit Towels Goggles (at least 2 in case one breaks) PMA swim cap Flip flops or footwear that is easy to slip on/off Water bottle Food and snacks Warm clothes Long robe/parka/jacket Money for the concession if needed Money for a program [...]

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What strokes do swimmers compete in?


Front crawl (freestyle), backstroke, breast stroke, butterfly, and individual medley (all 4 strokes). There are also team relays for freestyle and medley.

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Do I have to attend both days of a swim meet?


It is highly encouraged for swimmers to attend both days of a swim meet. Even though they compete individually, it is at the swim meets where we come together as a Team - hanging out playing games between races and cheering each other on. The coaches also want to ensure swimmers have the opportunity to [...]

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My child doesn’t swim very well. Why would they want to compete?


Swim meets are fun, great exercise, and help build confidence! The swimmers get to race, cheer their teammates on, and play games in between events. Children are grouped with other swimmers who are of similar ability, which allows for a positive swim experience. Competitions allow swimmers to achieve their personal bests and measure how much [...]

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What are the Time Trials?


At the beginning of the season, we run a mini-swim meet for only our club. Goals... Establish a beginning of the season time for swimmers so that they can see how much they’ve improved over the summer Introduce swim meets to new swimmers so that they know what to expect at the meets which run [...]

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